Fear Of Public Speaking

Many people with a phobia of public speaking want to find out how to overcome fear of public speaking. Many thoughts would enter your mind once you have stepped on the stage, walked towards the podium, and stand behind it. Suddenly, days and nights of mastering the thought behind the lines of your speech, the tone of your voice as you deliver each line, and the gestures that go well with the words all go downs the drain of negative thinking. Expelling these thoughts seems to be the only way to get your self-confidence back as public speaking anxiety just takes over.. The more you allow such thinking, the more possible your fears of being rejected and humiliated in front of so many people become. This is what public speaking training can do for you.

Handling the fear of public speaking is a feat for most people. Thoughts like “your audience may be judgmental about you”, “you may forget what you are to say and loose it along the way”, or “your audience may not like you” are thoughts that holds most people away from the stage. What’s worse is that these people could have become more successful if only they have learned to overcome their public speaking fears, their unwarranted fear of standing before an audience and talk. However, through a public speaking training, you can help to master the public speaking craft and shed those fears away.

Картинки по запросу fear of public speakingThere are many companies that offer help in this area. Public speaking coaches are selected by these companies in view of their professional training and expertise. Having a coach means having someone to encourage you, to track your improvements, and to help you gain more from where you failed. If getting a public speaking coach will help you gain self-confidence, this is always a good option. It is important for you to realize that before stepping into the stage and even days before your speech, you learn to focus on the positive rather than on the negative. The issue of self-confidence is always an issue that is stamped in the mind. Many times, a poor self-image results to a poor performance on stage and on everyday life.

The fear of public speaking also stems from another source: too many dos and don’ts. If you think the public speaking you are attending seems to give one rule after another, then there is no way for you to be able to take that all up even as you master what you are going to say. The problem with some of these courses is that with its stone tablets of “shalls” and “shall nots”, the student tend to focus more on the rules than being able to finely execute them like they should. This is an ingredient of public speaking fears.

Once on stage, there is nothing as damaging to your thought life than thinking if you were only someone else, you could deliver a speech nice and easy. With this, you have to remember that you are a unique individual. Committing mistakes while spontaneously recovering from them makes you more human in front of your audience and makes them relate to you easier. Being yourself in front of your audience leads to success as a communicator. Staying cool while being yourself, or rather being confident of yourself, is key to overcoming fear of public speaking. You will need to be methodical and consistent and do not try to use any quick fix to cure fear of public speaking