Fear to Write

If the writing of all your academic papers you begin with the words, “I hate writing” then you certainly have problems, which must be solved as soon as possible. In other case, you will have serious psychological problem connected with writing.There can be many reasons why people don’t like to write academic papers. There are students who consider written assignments as real torture. If it is really so serious and you want to cope with this problem it is possible to visit psychologist and share your problems with specialist. If you think that, such measure is too much then you can try to figure out with this problem with your own forces.
Картинки по запросу writing hateA student may not like writing papers because of the fear to write a bad paper and be criticized by teachers or be laughed at by other students. All of us know that there are students who are not afraid to express their personal opinions and thoughts without difficulties. Even if such thought or opinion is obviously stupid, nobody pays a lot of attention on it and these people are not laughed at. But there are also people who attract attention of other students by their opinions and statements, even if they don’t want to attract any attention. Usually these people are rather shy, and any public attention doesn’t give these people pleasant minutes. That’s why such people are afraid of writing papers, because they are afraid of expressing personal emotions and feelings. That’s why these students try to write works that are more objective than subjective and all the time they think, “I hate writing”. In general, such problem must be solved.