A Fight with the Red Eyes: Conjunctivitis and the Weekend Writer

After being down for quite a time, the weekend writer is back on track! The recent weather disturbance in the form of monsoon rains have greatly affected the Philippines. Thankfully, oDesk had been considerate enough to inform clients and employers of possible issues with their Filipino contractors. My client understood my decision to simply withdraw my application after a couple of days not being online and unable to provide his requirements.On the other hand, I didn’t take any more clients from oDesk this month. The office has been quite demanding as well not the mention that emotional stress I’ve gone through for the past couple of days. Yes there was flooding and heavy rains, but what I didn’t understand was my out-of-season Conjunctivitis (sore eyes) which was aggravated further by a seasonal allergy and made a freak show out of right eye!A Fight with the Red Eyes: Conjunctivitis and the Weekend Writer

It was only after 4 days of worsening condition that I decided to have it checked. Normally, sore eyes is treated with over the counter eye drops but in my case, it didn’t work, frequent washing of the eyes didn’t help either. I didn’t like what the Ophthalmologist was doing but I really don’t have any choice and he’s the expert in here so I just let him abuse my eyes and take pictures that looked like it came from some horror movie.

Finally after what seemed like hours, he gave me a prescription for 2 eye drops and advice to come back after 4 days to see how I’m going. The eye drops seemed really effective – they we’re pricey in the first place. But yes my eyes improved and the redness went away just 2 days after I started using it.