Fitness Instructor Schools

Fitness Instructor Schools train students to begin careers as Fitness Instructors. They learn how to instruct or coach groups or individuals in various exercise activities. Since gyms and health clubs offer a wide variety of exercise activities such as weightlifting, yoga, aerobics, and karate, fitness workers typically specialize in only a few areas. Fitness trainers help clients to assess their level of physical fitness and help them to set and reach fitness goals. They also demonstrate various exercises and help clients to improve their exercise techniques. They may keep records of their clients’ exercise sessions in order to assess their progress towards physical fitness. Personal trainers work with clients on a one-on-one basis in either a gym or the client’s home. Aerobics instructors conduct group exercise sessions that involve aerobic exercise, stretching, and muscle conditioning. Some fitness workers may perform the duties of both aerobics instructors and fitness trainers. Fitness directors oversee the operations of a health club or fitness center. Their work involves creating and maintaining programs that meet the needs of the club’s members. Fitness Instructor Schools normally will offer job placement assistance to graduates and in some cases to alumni. Many offer different types of financial aid to qualified students in the forms of grants, loans, and financial assistance. To begin, find several fitness instructor schools in your area and request information from each of these programs. Compare the training programs, financial aid offerings, placement rates, and program lengths when making your decision.