Five Ways To Build Your Copywriting Income FAST

If you’re just developing your copywriting career, gigs can be few and far between. However, there are many ways you can build your career quickly. Newbie, or experienced writing pro, you need to pay attention to marketing your work.** By the way, copywriting is just writing for business copywriters usually write marketing collateral (brochures, advertising, Web sites, and sales letters), but they also write product information and manuals. **

No one knows that you’re available for writing projects until you tell them, and then you’ll have to remind them regularly. Its been said that people have to see your name seven times before they contact you, and even when they do know your name and have bought your writing, you lose top-of-mind awareness very quickly.

The following are five super-quick ways to build your copywriting income. You will be able to build a full-time income within three months if you stick to this schedule.

One: Carve Out Time For Marketing Schedule It In

Make time for marketing every day. This is important and its vital when you’re starting out. Aim to spend at least an hour a day on your marketing activities. When I mentor new copywriters, I insist that they spend at least an hour a day and two hours if they can manage it.

Its all numbers its very simple: the more people who hear your name, or who hear from you in person, the more copywriting gigs you’ll get. So spread the news!

Two: Cold Calls, Telemarketing It Works

Cold calling is my number one tip for you to get work fast. I once recommended to a new copywriter who needed money fast that he make 200 calls. I promised him hed have enough work to keep him busy for months. He complained, but he did it. And of course, it worked for him. He got so busy that he was able to raise his rates, and hire an assistant.

Three: Create A Web Site Global Marketing Made Easy

Web sites are gold to a copywriter. Where else can you go on at length about yourself and the services you offer and have your information disseminated to the world, by clicking your keyboards keys? And have it cost you next to nothing?

Four: Call Local Agencies Let The Locals Know You’re Around

Call your local advertising, graphic design, marketing and public relations agencies. When they get busy (as an agency does after winning a new contract)  they’re looking for willing hands.

Five: Send Out A Press Release

The press release is like Web sites. Post them on the Web and they keep marketing for you forever. Send them to your local media outlets, and you get stories about you written in your local press.

So, now you’ve got five ways to build your copywriting career fast. Get building!