Freelance Copywriting: Become A Hot-Shot Copywriter And Earn Six Figures Part 3

3. Get Copywriting Gigs On The Out-Sourcing Sites

As a new copywriter, you want to build a portfolio as quickly as possible, so bid on projects at out-sourcing sites. A tip: don’t bid too low. There’s no point in getting into a pricing war with other copywriters. Begin as you mean to go on charge a fair price for your work, always. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that there are only so many hours in the day, so you need to be paid what you’re worth.

4. Develop A Small Web Site So Your Clients Can Find You

Create a small Web site. Your site will grow as your career develops, but in the beginning, even a tiny one-page site gives you your own home on the Web where clients can find you. This site is vital because it forms the basis of all your marketing activities.

You network every day networking doesn’t have to be formal. For example, when you’re starting out as a copywriter you’ll meet many people in the course of your day job. Tell them you’ve started selling copywriting services, and direct them to your Website. You’ll be surprised how quickly your new site gets you copywriting clients.