Freelance Copywriting Start Building Your New Career

Want to make a six figure income from your writing? Copywriting writing marketing and sales material for businesses are a wonderful craft to learn. Not only can you make money almost immediately, but you’ll also make more money as your skills build.Lets look at how you can start building your copywriting career in four easy steps.

1. Pay Attention Who Buys Copy, and How Do They Use It?

Your first step is to discover what COPY actually is. Copy is everywhere, because every business uses it to sell. Copy can be as diverse as a video script, a one-line tagline (slogan for a business), a news release, or an advertisement. If its intent is to SELL something, overtly or not, its copy.

I started my copywriting career writing display advertising for a business I was running. Then I wrote press releases, and video scripts. Soon people approached me to write sales material for them, and my copywriting career was launched.

2. Decide What You Like to Write

What would you like to write? Perhaps radio advertising intrigues you. Tape some radio ads, and try writing some of your own.

Or perhaps you like the idea of writing brochures. Grab all the brochures you can find, and study the text. Yes, the text. Copywriters write text, graphic designers design, so you don’t actually need to concern yourself with layouts of brochures, or any other print copy, nor do you work with printers.

3. Write Some Samples

Now you’ve found examples of copy you enjoy writing, write some samples. Write for fictitious businesses, or write for real businesses. Just create some samples to show what you can do.

4. Promote Your New Business Get Your First Client

Once you’ve got some samples of your writing skills, its time to find your first client or two. As a new copywriter, you’ll charge considerably less than a pro, so there’s no shortage of small businesses willing to give you a try. At this stage, your main concern is to get the jobs done, and get testimonials for your skill from satisfied clients.

4. Build Your Copywriting Career

Over time, as you continue to get clients and complete copywriting jobs, your skills and your fees will increase. You build your career one client at a time, and one completed copywriting job at a time.

Before you know it, you’ll be a respected copywriter with a stable of clients. So get started today.