Freelance Writing Careers

Freelance Writer Internet Jobs

Freelance writer can be your road to freedom. There are hundreds of new websites and blogs created every day and many of the creators have no idea how to write the content for their sites to bring in the desired visitors. They will gladly pay to have someone write the content and many are willing to pay a premium for a good freelance writer. This is where you come in.

Freelance writing careers can lead you in several different directions. You may decide to write freelance for newspapers or magazines of perhaps write you own book. This site concentrates on what I consider to be the greatest opportunity for freelance writers, which is to write for the internet. This market opens the door for many new and seasoned freelance writer.

There are millions of web sites, blogs, newsletters etc. on the internet today. Many of these web or blog developers are good at selling their service or product but have absolutely no idea how to write content for their sites that will attract these potential clients. This is where you, as a freelance writer come on the scene.

Freelance Writing Careers

Freelance Writing CareersAs a part time or full time career, there can be no better opportunity for you than as a freelance writer. Like all careers, you will get out of your freelance writing career only what you are willing to put into it. You must learn the craft and apply the knowledge you learn to further your career and it won’t be long before you start earning the income you want.

Your writing career can take you wherever you decide to go. It is one of the few careers where you get to choose what area you want to develop your skills in and the diversified fields will assure you will never get bored because if you decide you don’t want to work in one speciality, you simply choose another area that appeals to you. It’s not like your usual 9 to 5 job where you have to do what your boss dictates. You pick and choose what you want to do and when you want to do it.

As an entry level to freelance writing you can check with the many online job postings and write articles for clients blogs and web sites. Don’t get too hung up spending a lot of time on these job sites, like e lance, vworker, freelancer, etc, because their rates are not what you are aiming for. I wouldn’t use them for more than a couple of months, to gain some experience and feedback.

Writing for others should not be your final goal when you enter your freelance writing career. You will gain a lot of knowledge by writing for others but, there is much more money to be made by producing your own blogs and web sites promoting your own services products or acting as an affiliate promoting other companies services or products.

So as you progress in your freelance writing career always look forward and plan for your own future productions. Whether it is writing your own ebooks,or producing your own information products you should always realize that you can branch out with your own enterprises. As you write for other internet marketers you will become more knowledgeable on the services and products they make money from.


With proper training and practice you can soon become a professional freelance writer and provide the content for these web masters.

Freelance Internet Writing Jobs Available

Articles – There is always a big demand for good articles to post on clients web sites. These articles usually run about 400 to 600 words and can be about many different subjects. You can write about many general subjects or if you prefer you can specialize in a specific area.

Blogs – Hundreds of new blogs are introduced every day. You can write blog posts for many of these and become known as an expert in a specific area or again write as a generalist. These blog posts are shorter than articles, usually containing about 250 to 350 words.

Newsletters – Many companies and special interest groups produce a weekly or monthly newsletter to keep their subscribers updated on specials and news about developments in their speciality field.

Email Marketing – You can offer your clients a complete eMail marketing program where you would set up an auto responder program and send their clients a weekly or monthly eMail. These emails are designed to promote your clients products and services and keep their customers up to date with useful information.

E books – Many webmasters are searching for a good writer to produce an e book on their speciality. These books are then sold online or given away as a bonus ,by your client to promote their business or service.

Amazon – Have you ever considered publishing your own book? If you are interested in a specific subject then many others are probably interested in the same thing. There are many sites that will publish your books on demand or distribute them as an online book. The best known distributor of these books is Amazon and its well known department Kindle.

PLR – Private Label Rights is a great way to build up a complete internet freelance writing business. You write a series of articles about a specific subject and sell these articles as a package to web masters who are looking for articles that they can edit for their own website. These packages of articles can be sold over and over again so you are paid many times for the same articles.

Closing Remarks

These are just a few of the many freelance writer you can make money with. You can work on several of these areas or concentrate your efforts on one or two. Either way, there are plenty of internet marketers and other web masters who will pay you for your efforts. A discussion about fees will be the subject of another article