Get all the copywriting clients you need

Copywriting is the perfect write from home business. In fact, you don’t even have to be at home, you can be anywhere you please: your clients don’t know or care. They communicate with you via email, you send their copy back via email.The magic of the Internet means that your business is portable. The Internet does something else for your business too: it brings you all the clients you could ever need so many, that youll end up raising your rates and then raising them again, because you cant work with every client who wants you to write for them.

I had to stop blogging

I was chatting with a copywriting colleague last week, and asked her why she hasnt updated her blog since mid-2006. Did she get tired of blogging?

She told me that blogging worked TOO well. She just got too many clients to keep up with her blogging activities.

I laughed Ive had that experience too, that blogging is an enormous client generator.

So if youre looking for new copywriting clients, heres the secret: use the Internet as a hands-off promotional tool get a Web site, and get a blog.