Good Essay Thesis Paper Writing

Writing a thesis paper is a complex and challenging project. Thesis paper is the first major step en-route to dissertation – the end game result of many years of scholarly work. The aim of thesis paper is to identify problems, define what are the specific aspects of this problem and bring forward enough convincing evidence being in the form of interviews, quotes, statistics and charts, benchmarking reviews and detailed analysis to support the thesis statement. The biggest mistake at the initial stage of developing a good thesis statement is that most of the students work to develop a thesis story card based on the facts already put out by other writers and not trying to doubt and question these facts to come to an own conclusion which will form the solid based for a unique thesis paper. Based on our thesis writing experience this mistake derives from the lack of proper thesis methodology application.

Thesis Paper Methodology

Traditionally there are four elements that must be present in any thesis paper which itself is of around 35 to 45 double-spaced pages.

Thesis introduction

The aim of thesis introduction is to provide a brief but clear overview of the whole paper. Ideally – try to present it in a dynamic manner that will catch readers’ attention and motivate them to investigate your thesis paper in more detail. Putting forward some controversial facts will definitely help you in doing so. Remember that not only the quality of your thesis matters – it is also about keeping readers’ attention till the final page. After all, the thesis that was not read till the end will be left unnoticed by academic public.

Thesis Research Evidence

In this part of your thesis paper you present all the research and analysis you have done so far. The facts you supply must be very accurate and trustworthy. Put all necessary reference to avoid plagiarism accusations. Again, raising controversial questions and doubting dogmas will put more weight to your thesis paper.

Thesis Paper Conclusion

If you have built your thesis evidence well – you should not have problems at that stage to win the argument with your readers. Thesis conclusion establishes a closing connection with your opening thesis statement set forth in thesis introduction.

Thesis References and Bibliography

The final part of thesis paper deals with the package of collective citations, bibliography and pages link. You may also want to include the Glossary of terms used. Before starting your thesis paper you should have been given the citation format (eg MLA, APA, etc.) to be used. If not specifically told your thesis paper must include front and back page cover with thesis paper title and your name appearing on the front page.  Your thesis paper should have numbers on all pages.