Good Speech Writing

Giving speech in front of many faces looking at you can be a daunting task. No matter how hard you think it is, no matter how much you procrastinate, you must give a good speech to ensure your grade is not hampered. And quality of the speech obviously depends upon the quality of the speech you have written. No wonder good speech writing is given an utmost attention by the students. This gets students confused and panicky. Nevertheless, it does not mean you should also be one of them; you can stay ahead of competition by outsourcing the writing job to

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We have collected some important tips as speech writing help.

  • The central idea- here you should ask yourself ‘how does the topic or the issue relate to me?’ Always remember that your entire speech should be focused on developing ideas on the theme. Every single line that you write and speak later on should support the theme.
  • The parts of good speech- the following gives a general idea on the parts of speech that you should spend more time on.
    • Introduction of yourself – imagine your introduction. The way you introduce yourself lets the audience form an impression about you. Thus envision yourself in front of the people, all intensely listening to you trying to figure out who you actually are.
    • Introduction of the topic- the only way to garner full attention from the audience is to have a brilliant introduction. Remember it should give the audience a clear picture of what they can expect through your speech.
    • Main body and explanation – here you elaborate on the topic and give the audience a thorough idea on the message you want to deliver to the audience. A successful speech convinces the listeners of the stand you have on the issue and addresses your confusions.
    • Conclusion- it is a summary of the entire speech. The conclusion is a chance to create the final and lasting impression in the mind of the audience. Thus make sure it is bold and sums up the entire speech in a few sentences.
    • Examples- try to include examples to give the readers a clear idea on the topic. You can bring examples from your observation, experience or out of what you have read or heard and are related with the topic being discussed.
    • Kinesis- also known as body language, kinesis plays a vital role in making sure your message has been received and understood. Your eye contact, the way you move your hand, the way you carry yourself, all have to be given proper attention. So whatever you are writing, you can imagine yourself acting! This actually gives you a real feel of presenting.
    • Keep audience in mind- throughout the presentation keep in mind the audience, their knowledge base, etc. Do not assume the audience to know anything that is not quite obvious. The same applies to the kind of language that you use.