Guidelines to Write Thesis Proposal

Writing a thesis proposal is considered to be very difficult by most of the students these days. But actually it isnt that difficult if guidelines are conformed to. Dont worry if you have a thesis to complete because below you will find guidelines to write thesis proposal. You can easily complete writing a thesis proposal by just following some easy steps no matter what type of thesis youre writing, even if its an international business thesis.

Step 1: The first thing is to take care of the thesis proposal format. There should be a title page, an abstract, a table of contents, an introduction, a thesis statement, the research methods, the research results and discussion with a work plan along with the time table, the researchs implication, and a list of the references used.

This format is quite similar to the actual thesis. You can easily use a large part of the material while writing the actual thesis. Please note that writing an thesis abstract summary is a very important part of your thesis writing because thesis presentation will make or break your thesis so pay attention to your thesis abstract summary.
Step 2: Take care of the order of the article. Make figures and tables first, then the figure captions, the methods, the discussion about the data, the results from the discussion, the introduction, the abstract, and finally, the bibliography.

Step 3: The thesis proposal should convince your audience about the importance of the main theme underlying your thesis and its contribution to the subject area. It should also convey to the audience that the ethical issues are adequately addressed.

Step 4: Ensure that the thesis proposal focuses on the aim of your thesis. It should detail the methods involved, the alternatives, and predict the challenges and outcomes in a logical and realistic way.

Step 5: Pay attention to the structure of the thesis proposal, especially the background of the research problem, the definition of the problem, the theoretical background, supporting materials, and scheduling the project task.

Step 6: Every part of your work should be original and supported by enough evidence. Your thesis should be able to contribute something new to the subject area.

Step 7: Unless specifically stated otherwise by the authorized person, your thesiss proposal should not be more than 17-19 pages. Two separate pages may work as the title page and abstract. The rest of the page should be for the design, the methodology, the background and its pre thesis results. All the pages should have a readable text font size and proper formatting.

These tips can really help you to breeze through thesis writing easily and confidently. So go ahead and start writing!