Guidelines to Write Thesis

A thesis is the detailed explanation in the form of a long essay about a question that needs to be answered or an idea that needs to be proven. Whenever you are writing a thesis you cannot just go wild and write whatever you feel like writing. There are some steps to be followed. These are called thesis guidelines.American Psychological Association (APA) and the Modern Language Association (MLA) have given these guidelines for writing a thesis. Thesis writers or researchers in the United States of America religiously follow thesis guidelines given by these bodies.

APA Format For Thesis

The guidelines given by APA are difficult to apply, but still people use it to enhance the quality of their thesis assistance. There are some guidelines for putting the headlines. It is done by following level numbers.

APA thesis guidelines:

  • Level 5: Centered uppercase heading.
  • Level 1: Centered heading in upper and lowercase.
  • Level 2: Centralized upper and lowercase heading.
  • Level 3: Headings should be flushed left, in Italics, in upper and lowercase.
  • Level 4: Headings should be indented, in italics. Lower case paragraph heading should end with a period. So, if a thesis is divided into one level then it should use Level 1 headings. In case of a thesis with two levels, Level 1 (superordinate) and Level 3 (subordinate) heading should be used. For thesis with three levels, superordinate to subordinate headings from Level 1, Level 3 and Level 4 should be used. The thesis with four levels should use superordinate to subordinate headings from Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 and a five level thesis should use superordinate to subordinate headings from Level 5, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4.

MLA thesis Format Guidelines:

  • The font should be Times New Roman in 12 pt. size.
  • The margins should be set at a size of 1 inch.
  • The text should be left aligned, instead of being justified and the titles should be placed in the center.
  • There should be double spacing throughout in the document.
  • Only single space should be put after every non-period punctuation mark.
  • The hyper link feature should be switched off.

If you have to mention a website address, it should be placed between angled brackets.

  • The print should be taken out on the single side of the paper only.
  • The use of underlining is particularly stressed by MLA.
  • The papers should be labeled with the title left justified over the first paragraph. The titles are: students full name, professors name, class and section and in the end the date.
  • The date should be written in day/month/year format.

Using these guidelines will make your thesis acceptable everywhere in the United States of America.