I hate writing: Am I alone?

You are a student, and you hate writing? You should not be shy about it. A lot of students hate it. And you cannot consider the academic writing to be the same as writing at all. Writing presupposes more creativity, while the academic writing is strictly limited. You have to complete a set of norm and observe a number of rules to compose a good academic paper. Похожее изображениеWhat is more, it is very difficult to compose a paper when you cannot stop thinking of you paper will be evaluated later. When you write for yourself, you can be more honest, and you can put your soul and heart at the paper.

You are not the only person who hates writing. Everyday I hear the students tell ‘I hate writing’. I personally can also confirm that I hate writing, in particular the academic writing. And I do not think that there is something irregular in such a feeling.

If you hate writing, it does not mean that you are stupid or illiterate. You may write very well and hate writing at the same time. Maybe you have a soul of a businessman or a businesswoman, but not o soul of a writer. It is impossible that everyone liked writing. Then, a person would never become a personality. And it would be very sad.

If you hate writing, you can go on hating it without a pang of remorse. You should just remember that your hatred should not prevent you from composing your papers.