I Hate Writing Letters!

Telling the truth I hate writing letters. Every month my parents ask me to write them the letters. Thus, they know how I hate writing letters, still they ask. I did offer them to use the Internet in order to communicate online, but they tell that they are too old to buy a computer and learn more about the possibilities of the Internet.Now I am at loss. I cannot fight against my parents, but the point that I hate writing letters makes me think about this.

I have been thinking about the possible ways out of this situation. The Internet is too much for my parents, so what will be okay? I tried to weigh the all pros and cons. See what I get:I Hate Writing Letters!

  • I am a student and I should prepare a lot of writing assignments for my classes. It takes some time and very often I have now desire to write a letter about my student life.
  • I want to spend my student days as I want and it happens that I spend all days long at my college, and all nights with my friends.
  • I work from time to time in order to have some extra money for fun or for making something good for my parents.
  • I have enough money in order to buy a new phone to my mom (or, maybe, buy dissertations for yourself) and ask her call me sometimes, when she wants to hear some news from me…

It was a mistake… Now I hate phones, as almost each day my mom calls me and wonders if I am okay. So, what is worse – to write the letters one day per month, without paying attention to the fact of letters’ writing hatred, or be afraid of your own phone every day? This is the question)