Help With Public Speaking

It seems that two things people fear most are public speaking and dying, in that order! There is so much fear of public speaking that one might imagine that people regularly die while giving public speeches! Fortunately, such is not the case. Here is some public speaking help, to help you get rid of your fears and give a great speech.The first cardinal rule in public speaking anxiety help is be prepared and know what you are going to say. Prepare your main points and put them on a sheet of paper or on index cards. Don’t write out your whole speech and read out from it – this is a sure way to put your audience to sleep.

It is better for you to write your own introduction and not rely on the person who will introduce you to the audience, to come up with a good one. The introduction should have your credentials and important points from your bio. Print it out in large type for easy reading and send it beforehand to the person who will introduce you. Don’t forget to take two copies with you for the actual event. Your introduction will give a good start to your speech.

Dress in comfortable clothes; they should not be too tight or too short, and should leave you completely free to move and breathe.

Arrive a little early and familiarize yourself with the room layout. Where will you stand while you are speaking? Is there a microphone? How is the audience going to be seated? If you are using a projector or any other equipment, try it out beforehand and be sure everything is working properly.

As audience members begin to arrive, get to know them. Introduce yourself and chat with them – this will go a long way in reducing your nervousness. You will feel you are not speaking to a group of nameless strangers, but to all the nice people you spoke to earlier. It is a great help with fear of public speaking

As you step up to the podium, take a deep breath before starting to speak. If you find you are speaking too quickly or using fillers such as um, uh, you know, like, slow down on your speaking and take another breath, then continue.

Keep in mind the fact that the audience is on your side and they are likely to like you, for they have come to hear you – they are spending their time to be there to hear what you have to say. You need not assume that they are waiting for you to fail, for they aren’t. It is a great help for public speaking anxiety.

Public speaking is a skill, and anyone can learn to do it. You only have to learn how to do it, and then practice, practice, practice!

With some practice and experience, you will become a polished, confident speaker. Take advantage of every public speaking help to practice your speaking skills and absorb all of the tips for public speaking you can get hold of. Also join organizations that will give you a supportive environment to practice public speaking. Once you have survived your first few public speeches, you may find yourself looking forward to your next speech, and enjoying it, even!