How Can a Freelance Writer Meet Up With Deadlines?

No matter how fast and fluent you are in writing, not meeting up with a few deadlines can still occur at odd times that you least expected. However, in other to get to the roots of this deadline problem, I’d have to show you exactly the reasons why freelance writers miss their client’s deadline, and ways to overcome it if that’s your current problem as I type this post.So, without mincing words much further, these are some reasons why you might miss deadlines of clients as a full fledged freelancer –

  1. You Are Stress Out

This is one of the commonest reasons why a lot of freelancer writers can’t keep up with their client’s deadline. This is caused by restlessness and sometimes, it is caused when you have too much clients, more than you can possibly handle at once.

So when you start feeling stressed up, your creativity or your writing muse will be strained considerably, which can result to writers’ block, making it “practically impossible” for you to write up anything at all, thereby, inevitably making you miss your clients’ deadline.

And when this continually repeats itself, your might end up having a falling out with your client or even fired from the job.

What to do:

Try and take out time to rest. Don’t play with your nap time for any reason at all. Keep clients that you can handle quite well, because your health is insanely better and more important to you than 10 clients’ job altogether.

Remember, live your life as normal as you can possibly live it and don’t stress yourself because of some clients’ deadline. With that said, try to always make sure the clients you have are those that you can handle at any point in time without stress.

  1. You Are Totally Disorganized

When you’re disorganized, you waste precious time on different tasks because you’re multi-tasking, and that, from my own past experiences, really doesn’t get you to finish the work on time.

When you’re on a deadline and you are trying your best to fill the gap in other complete it on time, you’d notice that unnecessary things that shouldn’t get your attention, ends up getting it.

And when we put our gaze upon those particular things, we practically deviate from the main focus and refocus upon the distractions.

What to do:

Always write down the things you want to do first before you begin. Keep a TO-DO list of how you’d start writing an article and make sure to allot time for research and time for writing.

Also, try to avoid unnecessary distractions as much as possible while writing. If the TV is going to be a problem, turn it off. If it’s the distraction is in the environment you’re presently in – maybe because it’s noisy – leave there and find another place that’s calmer, and continue your writing undisturbed.

Make sure to stay as far away from distractions as possible and you’d find out that completing your client’s work before schedule will become your new lifestyle.

  1. You’rePlainly Lazy

Believe me, you’re not the first to feel lazy about doing an important chore. Sometimes, if I’m permitted to imagine – you’d be told by client to write and send like 7 articles within a very short frame of time; let’s say, in less than 3 days.

This is where it gets interesting. Instead of planning out how to write the articles before the allotted time given you by the client, you suddenly go lazy. And you already know that laziness is the twin brother of procrastination.

So ultimately, when you become lazy about the task of writing those articles and submitting them on time, you’d naturally procrastinate until you can no longer meet up with the deadline.

What to do:

Try, during that period of laziness to remember exactly why you what you do. Why do you write? Why are you a freelancer writer in the first?

And what do you have to lose if you become lazy? Think about that very well. Maybe you have a wife at home who’s in need of that money that your laziness is about to throw away, or maybe you have a daughter‘s school fee to pay.

Just try and remember something that can boot you off that mood and jack you back to life, because there is nothing as desperate as man who has something to lose.

So, remembering what you have to lose each time procrastination and laziness sets in is really the only cure for prolonging the job further than necessary. Likewise, when you have gotten one, then falling into those “work prolonger traps” will immediately become a bad idea to you.

Now, you’re thinking, “what if I eventually by accident, miss my client’s deadline? What can I do during that time?”

Well, those times are really not a good time at all. But there is something you can still do to change a situation, no matter the circumstances surrounding it.

Below are 3 things you should do anytime you miss out on some important writing deadline:

  • Send the half-finished work

Send your client the incomplete articles you’ve already written, also make sure to write on top of the articles that you haven’t completed – “It is incomplete; please give me some time to complete it”.

This strategy works 90% of the time, because the client will feel that you’re seriously trying your best to complete the job, even if you’re already behind schedule.

  • Contact The Client Personally

Explain things personally to your client through any means of communication which he or she frequently uses the most.

Expand thoroughly on the reasons why you couldn’t send the article(s) or some of it at the appointed time you two agreed upon, and give your client a “fixed” time when you’d send the articles(s) or the ones remaining.

  • Don’t Miss a Deadline

Finally, the most important tactic is not to miss a deadline in the first place. When you don’t miss a deadline, you won’t bother about facing an angry client in the morning while you’re sipping your favourite cup of coffee.

So, try your best to be as punctual as ever in meeting deadlines set by your respective clients.

This way, clients will have no headache concerning your job, and they might even go ahead to recommend you to their friends who might end up employing you.