How do you get into (and through) a distance learning college?

The answer largely depends on the distance learning college you choose.

You can pick a distance learning college that will meet most of your needs, because their are so many from which to choose. For example, if you do not want to take standardized entrance tests to get into a college, then find one that does not require them.

If a particular distance learning college requires you to be over 21 years old, then find one that does not have that requirement.

If you need to start your education quickly, then pick a college that does not require you to wait until September or January.

You should also find out how you will be evaluated: is it an assignment that you submit, or timed tests that you take online? Or will you be evaluated by projects you make with other students? If a particular college does not offer what you want, then just pick another one.

Also be aware that many, supposedly, online colleges have a requirement that you take some classes on their campus, so make sure you read your college’s information packet closely, and choose based on your requirements.

There are so many accredited distance learning colleges. Therefore, it would be a good idea to order information from a few distance learning/online colleges so you can get an idea of the various advantages and disadvantages that they offer. Many times you will not know the benefits and disadvantages of a school until you order their information packets.