How Does Academic Essay Editing Work?

If this is your first time considering an academic essay editing service or if you’ve never used before, then you might be wondering how the whole process of having your paper edited works. We understand how important your scores on these papers are to your academic success, so we want to make sure you’re informed about the editing process and completely comfortable with our services. Here are a few details about our editing services that may help you decide if academic editing is right for you.University Qualified Academic Editors

At, we think our academic editors are top-notch. Since they are university qualified, they have the experience and expertise to tackle even the most challenging assignment including multi-source research papers and even theses. Want to know more about our editors? Check out their profiles here. We think you’ll find that learning about who the people are wielding the red pen (or font, in this case) can help ease any anxieties you may have about sending your essay off to be edited.

Editing Services for Everyone

Our clients come from a variety of different backgrounds, abilities, and academic levels. Whether you’re a struggling undergraduate, an ESL student, or a proficient grad student, we can help you take your scores to the next level. You’d be surprised what a difference a little editing can make. We can help you achieve impressive results including bringing a failing grade up to a decent one and transforming a mediocre paper into a superior one.

Accept or Reject Edits

As a client, you’ll retain complete control over your paper. That is, when you receive your edited document, you’ll be able to accept or reject each edit. That way, if you agree with a change that the editor made, you can keep it. On the other hand, if you liked a word or sentence better the way it was originally written, you can easily change it back with just the click of a mouse. This feature is one of our clients’ favourite aspects of our editing process because it eliminates any fears of losing work or ending up with a paper you’re not happy with.

At ThesisEditor, your success is our first priority. Whether you choose us, another editing service, or decide that essay editing isn’t for you, we wish you all the best in your academic endeavours!