How to Choose a Good Thesis Topic

The thesis starts from a topic. A topic is a hypothesis, of which the researcher wants to check the degree of correctness. The researcher must follow a lot of care and diligence while choosing a thesis topic. If good topics for a thesis is not chosen, the researcher may land in trouble because he will not have any clear cut idea as to where he wants to go and what he wants to say. Here are some important considerations, which must be observed while selecting topics for a thesis.How to choose a good thesis topic

First of all, researcher must only choose thesis topics from an area in which he has interest. Choosing such thesis topics means that the researcher already has some knowledge about the area. He has an outlook, which will allow him to retain an interest in the research all the while. Moreover choosing thesis topics from areas that already interest him will ensure that he will be aware of new developments related to the area.

Secondly, a researcher must choose thesis topics, which are neither very wide nor very narrow. Thesis topics must not be very broad as this promotes vagueness. An industry or an economic sector by themselves cannot be research topics because they are too wide an area to be covered. Besides, these thesis topics do not carry a research hypothesis. Similarly, thesis topics must not be too narrow and too obvious. These kinds of thesis topics tend to make a researcher summarize and not analyze. Research is all about discussion and analysis from which a conclusion has to be derived, not beating around the bush about something that is too obvious.

Thirdly, the topics for a thesis must be original and not seem like some continuation of work already done. In which case, the researcher may have to avoid a lot of important parts of the work to avoid charges of plagiarism. This is because if the continuation topic would have had a lot of scope of work, the original researcher might have already covered that aspect.

Finally, thesis topics that try to move into previously uncharted territory should also be avoided. The reason is simple, the researcher will be hard pressed to persuade the institution to accept the topic. Moreover with such thesis topics gathering data will be a lot of trouble because no previous references will be available.

Remember that thesis topic are the basis of any research. Therefore, they should be capable in providing a good presentable thesis.