10 Questions and Answers

You can earn ONLINE DEGREES, without ever leaving your home. When you earn an online degree, however, you must make sure that it is from one of the many accredited distance learning colleges. The degrees from these online colleges are just as valid and acceptable as a traditional college degree (if you choose the right college).

Distance learning colleges allow you to continue your job and meet your family obligations. You also can have much freedom on how you earn your credits. And online degree completion is usually shorter than traditional campus colleges.

But you must BEWARE, because almost anyone can start their own distance learning college and start their own accrediting agency to “accredit” their “college”! And this has actually been done. So you must be very careful.

Aside from avoiding scams (see questions below), you should have some idea of how to choose the best distance learning college for yourself. There is no college that is perfect for everybody. However, there are a few excellent distance learning colleges that can give you a starting point from which to compare other colleges.

There are ten questions you should answer before choosing among the many online degrees and distance learning colleges. Parts of these questions can be answered using this website and by ordering information packets from the distance learning colleges of your choice. The final parts of these questions can only be answered by you, because you have to decide what you need.

The ten questions you need to consider before choosing a distance learning college are:

  1. Why is it VERY IMPORTANT for you to get an online degree ONLY from Regionally accredited distance learning colleges ?

  2. What is the tuition at typical distance learning colleges?

  3. What tests are available to earn credit at your distance learning college?

  4. How flexible is your distance learning college in giving you credit for previous experience and training?

  5. Does your distance learning college need professional accreditation?

  6. How will you be taught at a distance learning college? (What technologies will be used?)

  7. Are you suited for a distance learning college?

  8. What are the requirements of getting into (and through) your distance learning college?

  9. How does the education from distance learning colleges compare to a traditional campus education?

  10. IMPORTANT: Do you think you can take one course from a distance learning college?