How To Improve Public Speaking

Communication or public speaking is important for exchanging information, ideas etc to a larger group of people. Unfortunately, public speaking is an art and not every one is skilled in this respect. But yes, one can obviously try and improve public speaking by keeping certain points in mind.According to speaking coach and expert, Melina Henning- the process of delivering speeches effectively lies within designing one’s speeches while keeping the listeners in mind. But public speaking does not come naturally to many people. However if one desires to improve speaking in front of public or the art of public speaking, one must keep in mind certain aspects of it. Nevertheless there are few easy tips on speaking in public to be remembered and they may come in handy in improving your speaking power.

* The first point that you should keep in mind to improve your public speaking is that you should be comfortable with yourself while speaking in front of a crowd. Crowds that you may deal with may be from a variety of background but you must remember that they are paying attention to every word that is being uttered and are there to listen to you. Hence keep your facts right. This will make you comfortable. You should know what you have to speak about, that is, to know the topic inside out. If you are ill prepared your efforts will come to a naught.How To Improve Public Speaking

* You must be relaxed. The mere thought of talking in public makes most people nervous. But you have to bear in mind that it is not a life and death situation. It is just a matter of addressing a few people with few words. So stay focused on the job and get it done. It is a very successful method of improving speaking in front of public.

* Try to know about your audience very well and prepare and speak out the message accordingly and with relevance. If you know your audience, the type of people you are going to address, you will know what to say and how to say. But you should not think about the audience too much, simply focus on the message you are supposed to deliver and clear out the points of the speech.

* We all know that practice makes one perfect, so one obvious way to improving public speaking skills is to volunteer to speak in front of a small assembly in order to get accustomed with the feeling of being in front of the public. In this way you can get confidence and can easily learn how to build a rapport with the public.

To improve public speaking certain questions should also be kept in mind. – These are: Who? What? How? When? Where? Why? In the language of communication it is called 5W’S and 1H. You should ask yourself these questions before proceeding with the job of public speaking. These questions help in understanding the following:

* Who? the audience * What? the topic * How? the mode of communication * When? the timing * Where? The physical context of the communication. * Why? the purpose or reason behind the communication

Apart from these, the old method of speaking in front of the mirror is a guaranteed way to improve public speaking and make you more confident and certain!