How To Overcome Procrastination As A Blogger – The Ultimate Guide

You have an obvious deadline to write some certain amount of articles in 1 week – let’s say 13 articles. You have everything figured out already. So starting won’t be a problem at all. But when you decide to start writing, you consciously start feeling this weird urge to give yourself unnecessary excuses why the writing job shouldn’t be written that day.The next day, you still end up giving yourself that same excuse. The next 2 days – you still repeat the same thing, until you end not accomplishing anything that week — that’s procrastination.

 blogging“It’s basically prolonging to do a task that one has decided to accomplish at a certain time.” And for a blogger, this could really be a big problem on its own. How do you fight procrastination as a blogger? What are the best strategic ways to respond to it? To answer that, below are 4 ways to respond and fight procrastination as a blogger –

  1. Break Big Projects Down into Smaller Ones

The core reason why a blogger ends up procrastinating sometimes is because of the enormous amount of tasks ahead of him which he needs to accomplish. And at times, this huge chore, because of its sheer size, thereby cripples the blogger who ends up prolonging the work further than the time set to undertake it.

If the blogger was to write 6 guest posts in 2 days – which he hasn’t done before – he might look at the sheer size of the work at hand, and how short a time he has to get them done. So when he has started seeing the task as a one big almighty job, procrastination would normally set in at once, which could make him bring up excuses as to why the guest posts shouldn’t be written in 2 days anymore. education writing

However, one of the best ways to fight procrastination is to break down those enormous tasks into smaller segments of tasks in other for it to look smaller; and once it’s smaller, it becomes more easier to accomplish the once huge task that made that blogger to procrastinate.

So instead of the blogger to look at the enormous tasks of writing 6 guest posts in 2 days, the thing he should do is to

  • Open 6 Microsoft Word documents for the 6 guest posts
  • Find a topic for each of the guest posts
  • Find bullet points for each of the 6 guest posts
  • Do thorough research for each guest posts
  • Write the intro of each 6 guest posts
  • Write the conclusion of each of the guest posts
  • Then finally, go ahead to write and fill up the bullet points of each guest posts

So you see? The once huge task now becomes very doable in your eyes once you break the work down in this manner. In other not to procrastinate again, then make sure to always break down those enormous projects into smaller projects that are very doable using the example above.

  1. Eliminate All Possible Distractions

This is one of highest ways which procrastination sets in. When you are faced with a big task, the normal respond your brain would emit to the rest of your body is to deviate from doing that task.

How does that make you deviate?

Let’s say you have 5 articles to write up for your clients and you must complete them in no time because your clients need them today. The first thing you’d find your body doing is that it would start looking for a way not to go through that rigorous task by using element of distractions to evade the task.

Like when you are about to start writing, you will sometimes find yourself suddenly engrossed and interested to play that game or watch that particular film. All of these distractions are the body way of telling us that he doesn’t want to do that job.

However, we all know that following what the body wants per time could wreck us in no small way. This means we should not always give in to what the body wants at all times.

So, it’s better to not tempt the body or mind by staying near things that might distract you from the job you seriously have to finish.

Whether it’s a clients’ work you have to write, a guest post or a plain post for your blog, staying away from the TV, play station, away from the internet, friends, and other things that regularly distracts you etc., are vital ways not to procrastinate from doing the task you have at hand.

So eliminating those distractions will overly help keep you be in check on the task in other not to deviate and fall into procrastination.

  1. Do the Hardest Tasks First

Why is that?

Well it’s simple. The hardest tasks are usual the ones that make us tend to prolong a job we have at hand. When we look at their sheer size, we just give up.

So the only way to sometimes do the job at hand is to start with the hardest one and from there, proceed to the smallest and the easiest ones.

  1. Set Tangible Goals at All Times

Goal setting is the ultimate initiator of focus in any task you want to undertake as a blogger at any specific point in time. When you have a goal setup each time you have a task at hand, you end up being able to overly accomplish it because you’ve already mapped out how exactly you want to do it.

So in other not to deviate from the main tasks and procrastinate, the best way to stay and complete the task is to set goals as to how exactly you’d get those enormous tasks done at the particular time set for it.

You have to design a blog? When do you need it done? Which plans have you set to make it happen? What can actually not make you act on the design task when you want to? And what have you done to make sure you don’t deviate?  All these questions all point to goal setting.

That’s the beauty of setting goals. You have a time for each task. You know what could happen and you’ve already set backup plans on what to do if they occur.

You know which and which distractions can make you avoid the task and when they can possibly happen; and you have set plans to keep at the task even if they occur.

That’s the beauty of goal setting. Set goals today, follow them zealously and believe me, you’ll kiss procrastination goodbye if you don’t give up.

In conclusion. It is not by reading an article on procrastination that will stop you from ever procrastinating again. But it’s in your determination not to see a repeat of it in your blogging business.

So instead of just reading this piece, you should also put into practice the points which you grasped from this article. Doing this will not only make you a better blogger, but a successful blogger too who knows and have perfected the act of time management.