How to overcome procrastination

What leads to writer’s block? It’s the same thing that leads to failure in every aspect in life – its called, “procrastination”. Procrastination will kill you – it will kill your work as a writer, and it will kill the chances of success! As a writer, you need to know how to overcome procrastination!

Procrastination is unavoidable – so we think. To overcome procrastination, just make a list of all the things you could have accomplished if you had not procrastinated! This is your list of failures! Are you a failure? No! If you aren’t, then work on that list and turn them into a list of goals! Successful people have goals! Winners have goals! Goals lead to success!

One day of procrastination can lead to a month of failures – because one day of procrastination as a writer will lead to another day. That day will lead to a week, then a month. Once a year of procrastination sets in, how hard do you think it is to get back on track? It is hard!

Be accountable to your responsibility as a writer. Wear the title well – if you do not writer, you are not a writer. It is plain and simple. If you want to be a writer you need to write instead of procrastinating!

If you are accountable to your mortgage, and you have to write to pay your mortgage, you have hung something on that responsibility and now have to take ownership for it. Hang something on your responsibility as a writer and take ownership for every page written and unwritten!

That list of failures you put together are the products of your procrastination. It is now the list of goals to achieve by starting on number 1 and going down the list. That list of failures will be your new list of goals and eventually a list of successes. Each one is a goal, and each one will lead to a more productive you – a more productive writer!

As a writer, don’t let life and the lack of fulfillment be the product of your procrastination. Take ownership of your writing and be accountable for it. That way life and all its potential will be the reasons why you write.

If you want to continue to fail, by all means, procrastinate! If you want to succeed, then overcome procrastination and write. If you write, and even if you write poorly, at least you are active and can wear the title of ‘writer’ well. If not, wear the title of ‘procrastinator’ and live with your failures.