How to Overcome Writer’s Block

When the creative muse fails and writer’s block strikes, it may seem like the end of your livelihood – or at least a very unwelcome interruption and deadline-killer. This need not be the case, however. With a few tips and guidelines, you can soon regain your linguistic abilities and get back on the road to success.If a literary piece is already halfway completed, then some writers might find it best to step away from it for just a bit. Taking a few days off from writing to hike in the woods, spend time with friends, or go thrift store shopping can provide the mind with some much needed rest. When returning again to their writing desks or keyboards, they’ll likely be rejuvenated and ready to bang out the rest of their masterpiece.

Authors who are experts in technical nonfiction writing can mix up their genres for a change of pace. For instance, if individuals have made a career out of writing press releases on new findings in science, they might want to instead try their hand at poetry or fiction. Writing outside the proverbial box, so to speak, can be a boon for the creative juices.


How to Overcome Writer’s BlockSevere writer’s block might be broken by trying stream-of-consciousness writing, which involves putting down on paper anything that comes to mind. Though free-flowing, wide-ranging sentences will likely be the result, it may assist people in seeing that they do indeed still have the ability to write with considerable flair. James Joyce and William Faulkner, it should be noted, wrote many of their best works in just this style.

Any exercise regimen that boosts the heart rate will release chemicals within the brain, which can lead to a natural high in some cases. Runners experience this most often. However, even short hikes through the forest or walks around the block can offer up some fresh air, which is vital to creativity. Anyone who is looking to beat writer’s block through inspiration should enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

Music, too, can be quite inspiring. Though classical music often helps certain men and women relax, people should be sure to go with the musical genre that they love. Rock, jazz, or country music can be just as soothing to some writers. In fact, many poets choose to play their favorite artists in the background as they work.

There is also nothing wrong with keeping to an odd schedule. One of the greatest joys of writing is that it can be done at any time of the day or night. Instead of writing during the morning and early afternoon, individuals might instead try writing at night, perhaps shortly after the full moon has risen over the hills and is visible through the bedroom window. As an extra step, authors who are entranced by the night might even choose to write on their porches underneath the beauty of the stars themselves.

Location can also break a long-term writer’s block. If writers seem to be having the most trouble when they are stuck in their homes or apartments by themselves, they can certainly pack up and head to a local coffee shop. A bustling public place, in fact, is sometimes not a distraction but an inspiration. There is always the chance that other writers can be found there churning away. Talking with others about the craft can provide a break during especially monotonous periods.

Very small things can also provide large benefits. Making a cup of spiced tea, for example, can bring feelings of nostalgia that might just generate a great story. Likewise, burning an incense stick that gives off the soft smell of vanilla or pumpkin can provide the jumping off point for a poem about nature.

Ultimately, writer’s block can be combated with some variety and some common sense. Simply use the proven tips outlined above to initiate a cycle of changes until you find something that can break the spell. With time and patience, you’ll surely recover their passion.


How to Overcome Writer’s Block

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