How to Tell the Story

When you think about writing your really just telling a story but that is not the main reason you want to write, take the following story for instance its not really a great story its not really even grammatically correct, but sometimes its the story that matters not what form its in after all some cars look great, and some look like junk but they both get you to where you want to go, sure everyone wants to ride in a limo, but most of us are just as happy in a small car.There used to be an old man who fished at the same spot every day, he never caught anything, but he returned every day to the same place, and he prepared his fishing gear to the day. Every day the locals would watch him as he fished but never caught a thing. A few began to wonder if the old man had finally lost it, because he never really accomplished his goal of catching fish, they whispered about him behind his back and he knew it but ignored them. Each day as the sun shown that beautiful bright orange, the old man would come, and fish by now everyone wondered what he was up to and why he would spend so much time doing something that obviously was a waste of time.

Finally the locals got together and decided to do a intervention because the old man was obviously a little off, he was doing something that was a waste of his time and if he had Alzheimer’s perhaps he needed help. They all got together, and waited for him to come to his fishing post, after a few minutes they began to fidget, they began to talk and whisper, the old man was late.   As they were all beginning to think the same thing, a little boy appeared at the far end of the dock and all the people stood there wondering what was going on, as the boy came closer, it was obvious that he was wearing the hat that the old may had worn he was carrying the same bucket, and fishing pole too.

The whispering began to build up as the locals began to consider what was going on. . .

The boy approached the group and moved to the exact same spot on the dock, as the old may had fished for so long, as he began to setup his fishing gear, the locals asked what he was doing, as the boy answered the people were silent with anticipation.  telling the story

The boy grinned and asked a question in return, are all you people here to fish too?

They replied, no, we were just wondering about the old man, do you know him? Sure, said the boy, that’s my gramps, he had to go to the doctor today, so I am taking his place.   The people began to wonder even more what was going on and so they asked the boy the question they all had been wondering about. We have watched your grandfather over the last few months come and fish here every day and we were beginning to wonder about him if he was ok you know. The boy smiled and said, oh, I see, he did not say anything else but he just continued to ready his fishing pole to begin to fish.

The people began to wonder even more what was going on here, so they asked another question, they said why does he come here to fish, because he never catches anything at all, so were just wondering what the difference, what does he bother to fish here, there are not fish, and he has never caught anything at all. The boy smiled, and said, that’s an easy question, the difference is that last year when my Grandma went to heaven he promised that he would not change his life after she was gone, so every day he comes here to honor her memory. You see he really loved her and so do I, so today the difference is I am standing in for my Gramps so he can go to the doctor.

The people all looked at their shoes embarrassed at what they had been thinking, they watched as the boy readied his fishing pole then they realized that there was no bait on the fishing hook, as the boy lowered the hook into the water, they noticed a book that was in the bucket, the boy pulled the book out it was a book of poetry, the boy began to read the book. As the people, began to move away, humbled they realized that the difference in what the old man had been doing was that he was honoring a memory it was important for him to do this because he knew that his grandson was watching him and he knew that he was teaching an important lesson quality matters, the difference is that when you do something you should do it to the best of your ability.