How to Write a College Term Paper

A college term paper, which is also referred to as a report, is a fairly detailed piece of work that is typically longer than an article. In order to adequately write a college term paper, you will first need to do an extensive amount of research on the topic. In addition, you will need to conduct this research through a variety of different channels, which may include reading books, professional journals, magazines, and web sites or conducting interviews with experts in the field.

In many cases, you will be required to obtain information from a minimum number of resources. In addition, your requirements may stipulate that you have a minimum number of book resources, a minimum number of magazine resources, and other requirements. The purpose of posing these minimum requirements is to ensure that you have utilized a variety of different resources rather than relying on just one source. This is important because it allows you to double-check information and to verify how current the information is.

After you are provided with the broad topic of your research paper, you will need to determine the area on which you will focus. For example, if your topic is to research a famous person, you will need to determine if you will write a paper about the person’s entire life or a very detailed paper about one aspect of that person’s life. Once you have made this determination, you can begin conducting the necessary research.

As you perform the research for your topic, you might make alterations to the specific topic your research paper will address. This is generally acceptable, though you may need to discuss it with your instructor if you have already discussed your topic prior to beginning the research.

As you gather the information for your research paper, it is important that you write down information regarding the resources you used. This is because all of your resources will need to be documented in a bibliography at the end of the page. The exact format of your bibliography may vary according to the style required by your instructor. Regardless, you will need to know information such as the name of the article or book, the copyright information, the author’s name, the page on which the information was found, and more.

When researching information for a report, it is helpful to use notecards and to write just one piece of information down on each notecard. You can number the notecards according to the broad category in which the fall. For example, if you are writing about a famous person, all of the cards labeled as number one may be about that person’s childhood. This way, you can gather all of your number one cards together when your research is complete and you can use those cards to help you formulate one or more paragraphs about that person’s childhood.

By conducting thorough research and using notecards to help you with organizing your facts, you will find that the report practically writes itself!