How to Write a Thesis Abstract

Thesis is written in a detailed manner to discuss the hypothesis of any issue. It is however, not possible for everyone to go through the entire thesis if he wants some information. Similarly, the examiners board, in front of whom, the thesis would have to be defended, generally do not have enough time to go through the thesis of all the students who shall be defending their work in front of them. A small crux of thesis is therefore provided to them in the form of a abstract so that they can have an idea about the work done by the student and can ask intelligent questions. This is because while working on the thesis paper, the researcher tends to have grown more knowledgeable in the area as compared to the examiners. Preparation of a thesis abstract however is a very delicate job and a number of precautions and considerations must be taken into account. This article will discuss about how to write a thesis abstract that are examiners like to read.

First of all while preparing an abstract, the researcher must keep in mind that it must not consist of direct quotes, which are lifted from the thesis. The thesis abstract is a summary of the thesis, not showcase to present the researchers command over language. If the abstract is of descriptive type, writing 100 to 350 words in a well-phrased paragraph is desired. The paragraph should use simple language and avoid jargon as much as possible. If the thesis abstract must be informative type, the length should be anywhere between 100 -250 words. In an abstract of the informative type, jargon can be used only to an extremely limited extent because avoiding jargon can save a lot of words, which would be wasted in explaining those terms.

Secondly, thesis abstract should focus more on problem and solution discussed in the thesis. Methodology of collection of data is not needed, nor is it needed that the researcher mentions literature reviews. All these things form background information and are generally not required in an abstract. They should only be mentioned as space filler if one is falling short of word limit.

Thirdly, in a thesis abstract the researcher should try to stuff the abstract with keywords. Almost all the research work is stored in electronic form now. The computers need keywords to search for appropriate work. The more keywords a researcher includes in the thesis abstract, the more people will be able to access his work.

Finally, a good thesis abstract can also be used as great introduction or opening section for the actual thesis, provided one or two sentences are changed in such manner that both of them do not look the same. This is how to write an abstract for a thesis that are easy to read an understand, I wish you all the best in your thesis presentation.