How to Write a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the idea or a claim supported by your thesis. A good thesis statement is not a simple observation or a question. A good thesis statement is one that includes a topic, an exact opinion, and reasoning. If you are about to write an academic thesis, then you should also write a thesis statement. Writing thesis statements is not that difficult if you remember certain important points while doing it.

Here are some important points to consider in order to write a good thesis statement:

1. Your thesis statement should be in a form of a sentence or paragraph. It should summarize the argument you are making through your thesis/dissertation. It should also be accompanied by supportive evidence so that it can guide the readers about the main topic underlying the thesis. I

2. It should offer a new and meaningful approach or insight on the subject area of the thesis. It should convey what makes the idea behind the thesis new, and why is it likely to be true.

3. It should mirror an assertion of the conclusion that you have derived from the concerned literature. It should be focused and precise so that it can easily be explained. It should also establish a relationship provided by the relevant points of evidence that you are presenting.How to Write a Thesis Statement

4. It should give an overview of the purpose of your thesis. It should convey the direction of the thesis so that the crux of the thesis is absolutely clear to the reader. You need to be cautious because your thesis should not fail the expectations of your reader on the scope of the subject you have chosen.

5. Note that the thesis statement is divided into 3 parts, namely:

Limited subject: This informs the readers about the basis of the thesis i.e. the rationale of the thesis.

Precise opinion: This provides the readers with an answer to every question that is asked. It is very important for the reader because it tells him/her about the target or goal of the thesis.

Blueprint of Reasons: This is basically a plan that tells the readers about the whole idea of the thesis before they move on to the real text.

All three parts of a thesis statement should be perfect and serve their purpose well, so that readers understand at one go how the thesis intends to be shaped.

Your thesis statement gives the reader a first impression and a preliminary peek into the facts of your thesis, so go ahead and apply the above tips on how to write a thesis statement.