How to write an article – Article writing tips

Writing an article requires passion, a zeal for writing. It’s a kind of a task that requires a lot of brainstorming, so anyone who can reckon logically is creative and enthusiastic can write article(s)by following certain guidelines.
As we all know that article writers are in demand these days and if you want to be an excellent writer, point of initially, write about the topics known to you, this will help you to write with full confidence.Before writing any article place yourself into the shoes of the reader and then reckon, what will be your expectations from a particular article? By doing so you will be able to point of view of your reader and this in turn will make your article fascinating and impressive.
There used to be a time when formal way of writing i.e. using formal language/words wasacceptable but now the trend has changed .Readers these days want the script to be moreinformal with minimal technical or formal words being used. To add on to that use can alwaysuse some humor to make your writing fascinating, the mantra is “be simple and straight, avoidtechnical jargons”. Don’t be a miser but to some extent try to delight your reader by giving extrainformation, useful tips, links of related websites etc.
Tips for writing a excellent article
1. Deciding the topic: The first and the foremost thing in article writing is to finalize the topic for the article. Make sure that the topic you choose should be the one that you think you are thorough with or something that you like to discuss with others. Remember unique article writing requires a lot of creativity, concentration, and dedication.
But in case the topic is fixed and you don’t have a choice make sure to become familiar with the topic by reading and collecting information from various sources. Once you will have the knowledge/information, writing about that particular topic will not at all be a difficult task.Article writing tips
2. Plotting what to write: Article writer should be very empathetic; to become popular in this field you will have to learn to know the viewpoint of your client. Try to understand what kind of information your reader wants, what is his motive behind reading your article and will your article be able to fulfill that motive/need?
While plotting, jot down some keywords that the reader(s) will look for while reading your article and if it’s web article and some specific keywords are given to you remember to use those keywords as it will improve the ranking of your article.
3. Deciding the length of the article: If there is a set parameter regarding the length of the article i.e. word limit than stick to it. If there is no such specification, then initially, don’t worry about the length of the article, let your thoughts flow and write the relevant information that comes to your mind. Focusing too much on the article length at this stage will hamper your creativity.

4. Give shape to your thoughts (make an outline): At this stage, you know what exactly you want to convey through your article. You should start with giving a very impressive introduction that will give the reader the complete thought about what he/she is going to read further. It is the introduction that will encourage the reader to read till the end, so spend quality time in drafting the introduction for your article.

The body of your article should completely focus on the problem/situation under discussion and must give the relevant information about the topic as well as solution to the problem.
The conclusion should summarize the key points and the result drawn from the discussion.
The language in which the article is to be written should be informal.
5. Formatting the article: Once you have written the article you must make sure that thereare no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Read each and every word very carefully afterall it’s about your image as a writer.
6. Revise your article: There is a saying that “it’s human to make mistakes” but for a writera single mistake can lead to serious repercussions. So revise your article and be confidentabout it.

Delight in Writing!