I Hate Writing!

If you stand for this opinion, then this article is for you. When we are students we have a great amount of different assignments and writing assignments are among them. We are to write courseworks, term papers, essays, articles, even when we are undergraduates we have to write a dissertation. It does not mean that we are forced to do the writing tasks, but we should bravely take all the commitments, which lead being a student.“I hate writing!” Such cries you may here at the students’ hall. Almost every student becomes bored with this task. If you think that there should be some division of students on those, who like writing tasks and those, who hate them you may be sure you are not alone. Many students think that this task brings them no use, but this is not true. Almost every writing task develops different skills, such as writing skills, analytical skills, etc. Картинки по запросу hate writingBesides it enlarges student’s knowledge on some definite subject. Do not you think that some additional information will be of great use? The main aim of any student is getting knowledge and writing tasks are one of the steps of achieving this aim.

So, if you will cry: “I hate writing!” everywhere, the teachers may think that you do not manage with the studying in general and will advise the committee to expel you from the university. If you do not want to be expelled, try to hide your feelings and do not tell anybody: “I hate writing!” Be more positive in this question and say that you will cope with everything, since you are not afraid of any difficulties, because difficulties only make us stronger.