If You Hate Writing Essay

Hatred like a sharp acantha jobs every cell of your body at a thought of writing. Irritation…despair… because of imminence and necessity…frustration…uncertainty in your personal abilities seem to clear your mind inside. How to overcome your hatred to writing? Is it possible to write with hatred to writing in your heart?Actually, “I hate writing” comes when you feel despair because of the huge number of the written tasks assigned at your university or college. You just feel helpless being tête-à-tête with piles of books, notes, etc. Still, is there need to be frustrated, afraid and in despair because of a large size of work having not tried to do it yet? Probably, the process of writing will not turn to be that difficult? Probably, you just need to try it and love to the job you are doing will come on itself?

One more deep breath is not the last one. You just even cannot imagine how immense your abilities are! There is no need to keep saying “I hate writing” aping your face unless it bears no resemblance with your own. Nobody needs it, but you are just destroying the nerve cells of your brain. Take every task assigned with dignity. If you are given such a large number of them, it means you can manage to do them all!
Besides, the phrase “I hate writing” itself has a note of negative energy. It is like mysterious charms of the dark forces. The more frequently you repeat it, the more dark forces overtake your mind. Fight against them!