The Importance of Submission Deadlines

Always check the deadline for submission, and keep to it. The time and manner of submission are formal
requirements and must be strictly observed. If the deadline is noon and you submit an hour later, you have
missed the deadline. A standard system of penalties operates in the University in relation to late submission.
Make sure that you follow to the letter the rules on submission which apply to you. If you are in any doubt
about those requirements, check them with the relevant member of the academic staff. In some cases, both
hard copy and an electronic copy must be submitted.submission deadlines

We do, however, take a sympathetic view of problems beyond your control which affect your ability to submit work by the required deadline. There is a system under which you can ask for an extension of the deadline for the submission of any work. Where the reasons for the extension are health-related, some medical evidence is required to support your application. You may also be asked for some evidence of other personal circumstances which affect your ability to submit work on time. Applications for extensions are made to different people depending on your status and the piece of writing in question. Take time to find out how and to whom you should apply for an extension in case you need to do so.

Retrospective extensions of the deadline for submission are only given in the most exceptional circumstances. You are normally required to seek the extension in advance of the deadline for submission or you run the risk
that your work will incur the penalties set out above.

Never be casual or cavalier about deadlines; the law school takes them very seriously. Organizing your life to meet deadlines is part of developing a sense of responsibility in managing the many demands on your time.