Internet Copywriting

Internet copywriting in a nutshell..

Many people have asked me, what is the difference between Internet copywriting and copywriting for example for an offline publication, say in a magazine.

If there is one crucial thing to keep in mind with regards to Internet copywriting it is this simple point…

People’s attention span online is often very short.

The downside being if your sales copy online does not immediately capture and hold attention…

…chances are the person reading your sales pitch online will click out in an instant.

Fact is… you have about 3-5 seconds at most to make a good impression online. It’s of paramount importance then that you instantly feed into your website visitors mind every reason possible to stay on the page.

After all, the longer someone stays on your page you increase exponentially the chances of building up some kind of a relationship with this individual.

Many website owners and business owners especially, although very good at what they specifically do, when it comes to the actual marketing or positioning of their business online via their website, this is where often they fall down flat on their face.Worse many do not perceive this to be an actual problem.

Of course the more web savvy business owners who depend by and large on attracting hot leads online are very much aware of the need to instantly engage their visitors attention.

On the other side of the coin, someone reading a trade journal or magazine will typically leaf through the magazine fairly slowly. If it’s a paid for publication they want to receive immediate gratification to justify their purchase of this magazine or publication. Therefore, it stands to reason more people will spend more time reading your advertisement if placed prominently in a publication such as this.

Online you might not have this luxury. Online many people’s BS meter is set to high alert. The second they don’t get what they want, it’s easier to click out rather than waste any more time seeing a page which likely holds little interest for them.

So what can you do to instantly arrest someone’s attention?

What can you immediately do to captivate and hold someone’s attention long enough to push them a little deeper down into reading your your complete homepage?

Fair enough a cold prospect will probably always be a stone cold prospect. However some people on coming across your site, a good percentage of them have probably come across your website after typing in a certain key phrase into a major search engine. And your website in pole position or close to the top of the page results created enough interest in their mind to take the first initial step to open up your website in their browser window.

What next?






Five crucial seconds…

What are these visitors going to see first?

What is there first impression going to be?

Are they going to be impressed with your pretty graphics or…

…do you think they might be asking themselves instantly…

‘What’s in this for me?

Is this information which is going to benefit my life?

Is this info which is going to solve my current problem?

Is this website going to provide me with the solution I’m looking for?’

You can bet in a split second this is exactly what is going through their mind.

You can have the best looking graphics in the world, an incredible design and whilst these elements are important they’re not anywhere near as important as the words you want your visitors eye to go straight to the second they look at your website.

Remember… your visitors they’re instantly going to be looking for a reason to justify why they should stay on your website longer than they need to. Their finger is literally hovering above the mouse waiting to click out in a split second if you do not give them instant gratification.

Carefully placed wording placed right where the eye first lands on your site which immediately grabs their attention, with a quick fire benefit, will always buy you a few more seconds of their attention.

The longer you can get them to stay on your page as aforementioned, you dramatically increase the chances of them wanting or feeling a need to keep on reading about what you can do or offer to them.

Your first few words make them bold, standing out clearly off the page, short, pithy and to the point.

Try to use extremely simple language which anyone can read instantly. Use long words with many syllables at the outset, words which unintentionally trip the reader up as they try to work their mind over your meaning will not interpret well.



Simple words. To the point. Containing a damn good reason why the visitor / reader should continue to remain on your website will instill within them a desire to find out more about you.

Try to avoid talking in the first person. I this. I that. I something else. People aren’t necessarily interested in you. All they’re interested in are themselves only. What’s in it for them. So show interest in your visitors. Engage with them instantly on their level.

Ask them a question, a short question, anything you can to buy yourself a few more seconds of their time. Write in the 3rd person using ‘you’ and ‘your’ as much as you can.

For example…

Are you here because you need to find a solution to…

How would you feel if…

How about if I shared with you

You’re the most important person in your life, we recognize this simple fact. Which is why you

Are anxiety problems plaguing your life?…

Do rising costs concern you?

Do you worry about money?…

Find whatever very short hook you can, something, a question for example which most people share  common ground with.

Write to the person directly (conversationally) as if they’re sitting right across the table from you.

Write to them as if you were writing to a good friend. Someone who instantly understands and gets their personal needs, their fears, their desires, their wants  or their frustration.

It about using the power of a few simple words to buy yourself some extra time to create just enough interest to bring the visitor around to your point of view and the solution you can provide for this person.

Time. It’s a very valuable asset. None of us seem to have enough of it. Though we all share exactly the same number of waking hours in a day. So value their time. Give your readers the respect they deserve. Feed their mind with exactly what they want to see as soon as possible and chances are…

…once you’ve overcome this first hurdle, your visitors will want to spend a longer amount of time delving deeper into the specific benefits and solutions you bring to the table.