Introduction chapter

dissertation introduction chapter is, officially, the first part of the dissertation. Though many other sections precede it, the introduction is the marker by which the main text of the dissertation begins. Unlike essays or term papers, the introduction in a dissertation paper is not limited in simply stating the argument or thesis of the writer. To write an effective introduction, the writer must provide a more detailed discussion of his dissertation topic. provides you a guide on how you can create a good dissertation introduction chapter.

As the introduction is one of the first things that your reader would read, it is important to make it as engaging as possible. To make an appealing and interesting introduction, provides you the following writing tips:

  • Clearly state your purpose as a writer. What are the things that made you think your topic is worth discussing? Tell your readers what has motivated you to conduct research on the topic which you have chosen.
  • Identify the problems that you are trying to resolve. Avoid using a general statement. Instead, provide details by stating the scope and limitations of your discussion within the dissertation introduction chapter.
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