Keep Your Writing Simple

One of the most important things you can do for your writing is to keep is simple.

When writers who may not have as much experience as others begin to develop content they tend to focus on making that content long and they try to make it perfect the thing is that often simple focused writing is of much more value to the reader than a long rambling low value content.

Simple is often best, even when you want to pontificate, often the best thing you can do is to just keep it simple.

Simple means that you want to put effort into what your saying but not so much effort that it begins to cloud the content or muddy the water.

One of the biggest mistakes that many writers make is to over think and over produce words, this is sometimes becuase they are being paid by the word and that is a problem because they want to generate as many words as possible.keep your writing simple

This is not a good thing, becuase you often find that you have about half the article messed up with all kinds of content that just does not fit in well with the article.  When I see the use of lots of words like, “you need to remember” or ” you should be trying to do”  those two examples are filed with words that are not needed.

So keep it simple and make it count.