LOW COST Distance Learning Degree Programs

Distance learning colleges are usually of lower cost than campus colleges.

he average tuition at a campus college/university is about 18,000 dollars per YEAR. The average, well-known, distance learning universities are about 12,000 dollars per YEAR. Some of the infrequent advertised distance learning colleges are about 5,000 dollars per year and some are even lower.

So, for about the price of one year’s tuition at some colleges, you can complete an entire degree at other colleges, with some money left over!

The problem is that the lower cost distance learning colleges do not usually advertise or sponsor websites, so you will have to check quite a few ads until you come across a low cost college.

Let me know the lowest cost college that you have found, (using the links or search engine on this page) and enter the college that you found in the form below, and I will let you know the low cost online college that I have found. If you want to know the colleges that I found, then DON’T FORGET to put your email in the form, so that I can reply to you. (I can not reply to you if you do not enter your email address!). I have saved people thousands of dollars, not just a few thousand, but tens of thousands.

Since managing this website is a part time hobby for me (I am a social worker and college counselor) it may take me a few days to respond to you, depending how many people make requests.

Instead of searching for one low cost distance learning degree program, you can learn how to lower the cost of just about any distance learning degree program that you choose: On this site I have given information on how to keep online education expenses low

Just because a college of distance learning is cheaper, does not necessarily mean it is of poor quality, nor does it mean that it is good quality.

You should still get information from a few colleges so that you can make an informed decision. A lower cost distance learning college, may or may not have the features, or level of quality, that you want.

In addition, the stated cost of a higher costing distance learning college may actually be lower because you will probably be eligible for more financial aid.

But if you get the information that I am offering and you get information from a few distance learning colleges, then, at least, you can make an informed decision.