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Beating the Research Blues – Together! Haven’t done anything on your dissertation lately? How familiar does this sound? Maybe you’re just too busy, or your advisor has not been very helpful, or you picked the wrong topic, or you never were a good writer. Maybe you’re worried that you are not going to finish after all the years and all the money that you have tied up in this degree.Master Thesis Writing has been created for the assistance and facilitation of masters and doctoral students, who are seeking help in how to write a thesis. We have extensively researched this area and have evaluated what kinds of obstacles students face during research and the accessibility of the aids, resources, and guidance that are out there to help them. In addition to this research survey, we have also posted a tutorial on thesis writing, which has been developed by one of the most studious and learned researchers and educationists around. On our site you will also find free thesis papers which definitely can be of great help to you.

The Accessible Educational Resources

Writing a thesis would not be difficult if students explore the resources that are there to assist them.

• Intrinsic Resources:Master Thesis Writing
They include teachers, professors and research supervisors as human resources and reference books and material, as the material resources. These resources greatly help you in learning how to write a thesis statement.

• Supplementary Resources:
Research labs, library facilities, research periodicals and journals and computing facilities and seminars etc are the resources that supplant the intrinsic resources.

• Alternative Resources:
This is a newer genre of research writing resources available on the net, which is rapidly gaining popularity with the students. The claims to fame for these sites are their provisions of customized quality thesis assistance and editing services, at reasonable and competitive rates

• Surveying The Trends…
A recently carried out research survey about the validity and merit of such sites and the services they provide have given out a mixed overview. The perspective of teachers, professors, the students availing these services, as well as the companies running the writing service provider sites have been included in this research report, so as to gain a broader and balanced perspective of the subject at hand. Our researchers have also gone through the various sites providing writing services to the students, the links of which have been included as a reference in our research.

When Alternatives Take The Lead:
Students and faculty agree, that with the advent and easy accessibility of internet to all and availability of digital libraries, the intrinsic resources for research have increased. But time, however, is still a limited and un stretchable indicator in today’s increasingly complex world. ‘Technology has not been able to solve many of the world’s problems, but has given rise to newer problems.’ The pressure isn’t something that only students are feeling, but it is something that is being felt with more intensity by the research and teaching faculty. With an increase in the number of students in a class and involvement in several on-campus activities, it is hard to give individual attention and assistance to each and every research student.