Medical School Personal Statement

If you have a great love or curiosity for science and how the body works, chances are, you have been thinking of going to medical school. You should know that applying to these professional schools is very competitive. For example, the top medical schools in the US usually accept only seven percent of the total number of applicants every year. Many of the applicants have the similar GPAs and MCAT scores so how do you make sure that your application stands out from your rivals so you can get included in that fortunate top seven percent?

Medical Schools admit People Not Numbers

Grades and test scores are important for med school applicants, no question about that. However, the practice of medicine and medical research involve more than just your ability to get good grades or achieve a certain standardized test score. Since the practice of medicine involves making a personal connection with your patient and a whole range of non-academic interpersonal skills, many medical programs focus on admitting PEOPLE WHO CAN BECOME GOOD PHYSICIANS instead of NUMBERS. Good grades and solid test scores are just the beginning of what makes a good physician. Above all else, physicians are “complete packages” made up of a person’s potential, aspirations, intangibles, and personal experiences.

Let your Whole Personal Potential Stand out

If you are planning on going to a medical school, you should make your personal story stand out from other people who are also applying to the program. The good thing is the most admissions offices for medical schools look for candidates who will likely be successful in their medical course and make a significant contribution to society when they get their medical degree. One key way to communicate your personal potential is to craft a winning personal statement that highlights your personal potential and intangibles in addition to your academic credentials. Let IvyResearch’s many years of experience help you get started on a winning essay that boosts your chances of standing out from the competition.