Mixing Various Academic Assignments Successfully

Two term papers due the day after tomorrow with two major tests from two of the classes plus a long math task. What should you do? You have to scream, “I hate writing!” making a helpless gesture. This problem when in exaggeration typically happens to many students. It looks like your teachers decide to crush you in your classes with not just tests on the same data but essays, term papers, or other writing tasks as well. This is why most of the students have an “I hate writing” disease. Other reasons for I-hate-writing disease are awful English classes, usually instructors fail to make clear various essay writing styles, hesitant of topics to compose, and instructors do not read the writing tasks.

While students do not like writing when there are some due at the same term, sometimes this is a matter of preparation and timing. When the syllabus informs when various term papers are due, then you should start preparing as soon as possible. While more than one instructor assigns term papers, which will be due at the same term, you should try talking to your essay instructors and requiring for other due dates will assist. Most instructors do not deliberately assign their term papers to be prepared on the same day. Speaking with them may make a difference. Also, you should attempt to prepare for your term papers in advance. For example, start research a few days before this is due. Start writing note cards some weeks before your term paper is due.