Motivate yourself for doing Homework

What do you do when you just can’t get yourself to do homework? You know it has to be done, but it is the last thing you want to spend your time doing. How are you going to get yourself motivated? Here are eight tips to improve your motivation to study: 1. Set goals for yourself. They don’t have to be big ones, in fact, the smaller the better. Start by setting goals you know you can attain easily. For instance, a goal such as getting straight A’s on your next report card would be nice, but it is a major goal. An easier one would be taking a page of notes for your report on inuksuks.

2. Set a schedule for studying and write it down. Why write it down? Something about the written word makes it harder to ignore. Once you’ve written that you’ll do it, its harder to not do it.

3. Arrange to get together with a friend to do homework. Meet a study buddy in a chat room to work through material you are both studying. They’re counting on you as much as you’re counting on them, so you can’t let them down.

4. Do the homework you dislike the most first. Also, if there is homework you find most difficult, do it first while your mind is still fresh. However, if you have a number of small assignments and one major assignment to work on, doing the small ones first will make it seem like you are making progress quicker.

5. Ask for help from your parents. If you don’t ask, they will assume you either don’t need help or don’t want help.

6. Use rewards to mark your progress. You could “allow” yourself to go to a movie on Friday night if you get your History project completed by then, or you could take a snack break once you get the first thirty Algebra questions completed.

7. Think positive. Moaning about how many upcoming exams you have or how hard it is learn to speak Spanish won’t get your homework done. Likewise, focus on what you are doing well (the speech you did so impressively on the U.S. flag) rather than on what is impeding your progress (the math teacher you don’t like).

8. Find a way to turn your homework assignments into something that interests you. If you have a choice of topics, choose something you’ve always wanted to learn about. If you have to do geometry homework, think about how you could use it when you want to become an interior designer. If you are researching Russia and your interest is in wildlife, find out what species you would find there (would you believe about 65% of the world’s brown bears?).

Some of these tips could work for you. Try them out. Its time to get motivated.