Online Writing

Recently google changed the way they list their search engine results in an effort to combat the growing reputation that they were serving up content that was not relevant to the searchers interest. There are different methods of writing, more so in this modern age, we see a slow change of language in this way we have the changes, that effect how we write, in the days of Benjamin Franklin, words often had two meanings, in fact if you have a look at the writings of Ben you will see that very often he was actually writing about two different subjects using the same words.

Writing online has changed over the years, from the early years of 1995 when much of the writing was technical and half of it was not even accurate.

Now we have many different types of writing, regional writing, even regional use languages and speech pathology.

In many ways, we see different methods of communication in our modern society there are even some dialects of language, developing that some people do not even know what it means, most notably what is commonly called street language.

The language of the street, or even Thug languages, are beginning to develop in an effort to distance themselves from modern society they have begun to develop a language that only close members of their society can understand, that is just a small part of what it means to interact on the street.

This is also beginning to move into the web in an effort to limit the number of people who understand what they are saying they are developing different method of communication, while many of these methods may never fully develop into a true language the differences will be felt in how we write.