Dissertations Guide

Dissertations Guide is created to assist and help graduate students with their doctoral dissertations, digital dissertations, PhD dissertations and marketing dissertations online and provide free dissertations┬áconsultation. We help students in thinking through the many aspects of crafting, implementing and defending dissertations . This site is created to direct and assist students towards a focused help. Continue reading “Dissertations Guide”

All Dissertations Not Created Equal

For many graduate students, completion of the dissertation requirement is the single greatest stumbling block to getting their degrees. Why do so many students have difficulties completing the dissertation? Because writing a dissertation is hard, labor intensive work. Few students receive sufficient preparation and training for projects of this magnitude. This goes beyond the need for tremendous self-discipline and time management skills. So it is that students often find themselves with nowhere to turn, often eventually just giving up. Continue reading “All Dissertations Not Created Equal”

Thesis Writing

The first part of writing a thesis should begin with the outline including chapter headings, sub-headings, and charts/graphs. Let this outline be a guide to writing the thesis. Once it is broken down into different headings and sub-headings it will not seem such a massive job. The outline also helps in organization. A word to the wise is to have the outline and all work on the thesis to be on back-up files. If for some reason the original disk malfunctioned, all of the work would not be lost. Continue reading “Thesis Writing”