Parts of a Research Paper

Research paper assignments are very typical assignments for all grade levels and for all courses that a student may take in school. The main goal of a report assignment is to help students research a particular subject in depth and then communicate their findings in writing. There are many different parts of a project that will help learners to communicate those findings clearly.

When it comes to formulating a report, learners should always be aware of the many parts of a report they need to include. Some professors will outline which parts of a report they expect their students to include. However, if a professor does not provide specifics, then it may be up to the students to determine which parts of research papers they should include in their assignments.

Basically, the parts of articles that should always be included are the cover page, introduction, body, and conclusion. Depending on the type of research paper, some students may also need to include an abstract, appendix, acknowledgements, and a reference section.

The cover page of the document should be formatted according to the style guide that a professor has assigned, which may be MLA or APA style. This is the part of a project that the professor will see first, so it should be neat and tidy and in accordance with normal style guidelines.

The next parts of a project that are important are the introductory paragraph and the thesis statement. The thesis statement is a one-sentence statement that gives a preview of what the report will state. This statement should appear in the first or last sentence of the introduction. The introduction should usually be just one paragraph. It may be longer for longer paper.

The body of papers includes the parts of articles that provide new information. Each paragraph should share new information that should support the thesis. This information will be tied together in the conclusion, which is the last paragraph or two paragraphs.

Students need to be aware that the parts of a college report should all be basically the same. However, the parts of a report differ from the parts of a thesis or the parts of a document in some cases. Thesis papers and dissertations are longer than research papers in most cases and should, therefore, contain longer parts, even if the parts are the same. Also, thesis papers and dissertations may contain methodologies, discussions, and more parts than a reference project.