Pharmacy Technician Schools

Pharmacy Technician Schools prepare students for integration into a community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy environment at an entry level position as a registered pharmacy technician . These types of programs covers a variety of topics, including daily pharmacy operational procedures, weight and measurement systems, pharmacology, ethics, cash register operations, keyboarding, poison control, pharmacy computer operations, prescription processing, compounding, inventory control, pharmaceutical mathematics and more depending on the school. Some programs are offered as and associate degree and others are a diploma.

The difference is based on the number of courses taught and the duration of the program. Students should select the school they attend carefully. It is recommended that the best procedure is to find several schools from the town or state from which they want to study and request information from at least 3 different schools. When the information arrives they should compare the job placement programs, financial aid available, student to teach ratio, and types of programs offered (degree vs diploma). To get started we have compiled a list of Pharmacy Technician schools that we are familiar with and present them here to help with your search for a training program.

UEI California Colleges

UEI United Education Institute has eight campus locations in California. They are located in Chula Vista, El Monte, Huntington Park, Los Angeles, Ontario, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Van Nuys. Each facility is equipped with the equipment and supplies required to conduct programs in a real world environment. Labs are modern with each training workstation replicating the work environment students will experience in their specialized field.

The UEI United Education Institute trains adult learners in business, computing, and healthcare. UEI provides its students with the skills necessary to begin a successful career in eight months. Our facilities feature the equipment found in today’s professional workplace and are continually updated to keep pace with each industry. To learn more about UEI United Education Institute please follow the link to the informational request page and compete the online form.

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