Preparing the Final Text of Your Dissertation

Moving from a draft to the final version is likely to involve a number of tasks:
• following up points that need attention as a result of discussion or consideration of the draft;
• ensuring that the paper is properly referenced;
• editing the work to ensure that it complies with any specific requirements as to form;
• adding a bibliography and tables as required.

Some of these tasks belong to the creative stage or writing, while others are ensuring the quality of your
scholarship by careful and accurate referencing and attention to detail. The more meticulous you were about
building your bibliography at the early stage or preparation, the more straightforward will be the production of
the final text.

Preparing the final text of dissertation
Research papers must be word processed. Handwriting is not the appropriate form for work of this type. The
law school has a computer officer, who can help students experiencing difficulties in using the facilities
available on the campus network. If you are using your own desktop or laptop, make sure that you follow the
conventions set out in this guide, and preferably use Microsoft Word to prepare your work. Above all have a
sensible backup strategy. Think early on how you will print out the final paper; do not leave it until the last
minute to check this if you plan to use the University’s printing facilities.

A set of Microsoft Word templates for a law dissertation is available on the campus network. A guidance sheet on its use is available on the law school’s web pages. Use the templates and you can be sure that your work will look attractive and conform to our expectations in terms of presentation. You can use parts of these for research papers, as distinct from dissertations. Further guidance can be found at the end of this guide. Always have at least one backup in case things go wrong when using the computer. A print of the latest working draft can save panic at the last minute. You should also save your current work on the computer at least every ten minutes; you can set most programmes to do this automatically. If you do this, you should never lose more than ten minutes work if the computer crashes. Remember too to backup your work. Keep your USB stick safe if this is your backup.

If you use the campus network, your material will be automatically backed up in the Computer Centre in addition to any backup you make on a USB stick.

Your research paper should be printed on A4 paper (or American letter size if you are a distance-learning
student based in the United States) of at least 80 gsm using the layout, font and text size in the recommended
Word templates.

dissertation writingFootnotes should appear at the foot of each page, and be numbered consecutively throughout the paper using Arabic numerals. Footnotes should be single-spaced; they count towards the word limit. When using the word count tool in the word processing software, remember to switch on footnote counting as part of the overall word count. It is now law school policy that you declare the total number of words in your paper or dissertation. Work which exceeds the specified maximum will be penalized in accordance with University-wide conventions; there is no de minimis rule. It is cheating to declare the number of words incorrectly.

Requirements as to tables and a bibliography differ depending on the nature of your writing. Course work refers to papers required as assessment for a taught module, while dissertation refers to the longer piece of work that counts as a 30 credit undergraduate option and a 60 credit dissertation written after the completion of the taught components of a master’s program.

The professional dissertation help (up to 15,000 words). Detailed guidance on layout and the order of the various parts of the
dissertation can be found at the end of this guide.

Research papers (up to 7,500 words, but more usually 5,000 words). Detailed guidance on layout and the
order of the various parts of the dissertation can be found at the end of this guide.
You must ensure that your paper is accompanied by the required declaration. It is law school policy that all
assessed work must be accompanied by such a declaration. Your work will not be accepted without one.

Failure to comply with the word limits can have drastic consequences. You will be required to state the
number of words in your essay, which directs your mind to the required word limit. It is cheating to
misrepresent the number of words in your written work.