Preparing Your Research Paper for Submission

You must check with the module convenor to which the work relates exactly what is required. The following is general guidance which may vary from module to module. Practice varies on the requirement for a separate bibliography. Tables of authorities are not usually required for research papers. The templates for the title page and the bibliography for the dissertation will provide a useful model for the title page and bibliography for research papers, but will require some variation.

Title pageThis should contain the title of your research paper, the module for which it is submitted, and your student number. Do not include your name on the title page. The title page does not count towards the word limit
Abstract (if required) Word TEMPLATE available Dissertation abstract.dotA minimum of 300 and a maximum of 400 words. The abstract does not count towards the word limit
Main body of the research paper Word TEMPLATE available Dissertation.dotFootnotes must appear at the foot of each page. Continuous numbering in Arabic numerals must be used throughout the dissertation.
Bibliography (if required)List primary sources (treaties, legislation, cases) first, then books, then chapters in books of essays, then journal articles, then web-based materials. If required, the bibliography does not count towards the word limit.

Follow the guidance above on this page to merge these files into a single Word file for submission purposes.