Process of Essay Writing

The process of essay writing includes the following stages:

Research: The first and the foremost step in essay writing is research, discovering, interpreting and the development of methods by any means using the internet, libraries, and the academic databases.Analyzing: The arguments, claims, the evidence, logics of the information you have gathered.

Brain Storming: Take genuine ideas from your insight, get rid of irrelevant ideas and analyze the theme and essence these will be main points  of your  essay.

Thesis: It’s impossible to write a good essay without clear thesis, create a thesis which shows your clear ideas, position, attitude and serves as a premise in the argument.

Outline: Comprises of  major points of arguments, sub points, mapping out a structure of your argument.

Introduction: Should be convincing, interesting, clear and can grab readers attention.

Paragraphs: Should be supported assertation with evidence, topic sentence and arguments it should be focused on a single idea that supports your thesis.

Conclusion: Summarizes the main ideas, end your essay on memorable thoughts.

Editing and proof reading:  Check style, grammar, tone, and wording of your essay.