Prove Yourself to the College Education Admissions Office

One way you can prove yourself to the college education admissions office is by actually taking a class at the college CAMPUS of your choice.

While it is not as convenient as taking a distance learning class of the college (as detailed in the previous section), it is actually better.

Almost all colleges have some classes that almost anyone is allowed to take. This is called taking a class as a “non-matriculated” student, which just means that the college has not yet accepted you as a degree student.

(If you are currently a high school student, and the college will not allow you to take a class, get a teacher or the college advisor in your school to recommend and/or call the admissions office to try to get you in. College education admission offices can be influenced when they learn of a highly motivated student.)

Then, (as fully described on the previous page), have conversations with the teacher (related to the subject of the class as well as your career goals and general topics), so that you can get a great recommendation from the teacher when you apply to the college as a degree student.

By taking classes as a non-matriculated student and getting a great recommendation from a professor, I was able to get into a highly competitive master degree program in New York University when other students with much higher academic credentials did not get in.

This method works much better with private institutions than public institutions, because public institutions are more “by the book,” and more closely follow formulas for admission.