Research Paper Introduction Give a Perfect Introduction and Win Over Your Reader at Once

Research paper writing is undertaken by students doing thesis work or other higher studies that involve a lot of exploration and in depth study in their areas of work and research. A research paper generally consist of a cover page, an abstract, an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Often a research paper is preceded by the presentation of a research paper proposal. In that case one needs to know how to write research proposal well so that it gets passed in one go and one can then proceed to the main thesis work.

An introduction is a sure shot way of getting the readers attention if written well. It has to be well framed so that main idea in the paper is well represented and the reader gets to know what the paper is all about in a brief manner. A good research paper introduction will state the objectives of the research work undertaken. It will give a brief summary of the entire thesis work. The expectations from the research work to be carried out will be outlined here in this para. It will frame a research question that will cover the entire topic and at the end will be the thesis statement, which will in actual terms, will be the answer to the research question.Research Paper Introduction Give a Perfect Introduction and Win Over Your Reader at Once

A research paper introduction is a very important part of the entire thesis paper. It is here where the writer can catch the attention of the reader. If well written it can hold the reader’s unwavering interest. This para introduces the topic, gives a brief description of the whole essay and produces the thesis statement. So an introduction is the first impression that the reader will get of you as the writer. Writing a research paper introduction is one of the easiest ways to get the attention of the reader, that is, if it is well framed and properly written. It may not be as easy as writing a research paper cover page or writing the research paper abstract but is definitely a lot easier than writing the entire thesis paper.

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